Best Mechanical Pencils Review

7. Faber Castel Pencil
Faber Castell Mechanical Pencil
Any sharp pencil is strong and durable, but it is important to make it light and easy to use. Tro-Fine Vario Mechanical Fenders - Castel's mechanical pencils are 0.5mm long, lightweight pencils designed for durability and meet all the standards of an advanced mechanical pencil. In fact, this is probably one of the hardest mechanical pencils.

6. Alvin Draft - Matic Machine Pencil

What makes this special pencil stand out is that the eraser is built into the cap and the black pail is well attached. 0.5mm thick grade B leads can be supplied. Designed for professionals, this pencil is evenly balanced throughout, facilitating quick writing tasks. At the same time, this pencil has many advantages due to the stainless steel finger grip. This grip usually provides a lot of durability that is lacking.

5.Rotring Rapid PRO mechanical pencil

Do not look any further if you are looking for a long lasting soft and precisely retractable mechanical pencil. This high-quality pencil is suitable for professional sketching and drawing work. Durability is excellent thanks to the entire metal body. In addition, sliding sleeves and cushion lead mechanisms always provide a high level of corrosion resistance.

4.Pentel Art 8 Color Automatic Pencil

As the name suggests, this versatile pencil has eight colors to choose from, so you can use it when you need it. We should point out that each color is 2mm in diameter and that most of the bold lines should be drawn. This is recommended for anyone who does professional sketches or other sketches / drawings.

3.Rotring 600 0.5mm Black Barrel mechanical pencil

Rotring's high-quality mechanical pencil is one of the best money to buy at this point and you can easily see why. The full metal body provides ideal weight balance and durability for writing and drawing. Thanks to the brass mechanism, you can develop the LEDs as needed to prevent potential damage.

2.Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Automatic Drawing Pencil

Thanks to sophisticated metal handles and soft latex-free pads, this special pencil is probably one of the most beautifully pleasing mechanical pencils. At the same time, a 4mm fixed sleeve and a lead harness indicator show how many leads remain in the refillable bin. It is also worth mentioning that these pencils prefer architecture that is much more durable than most buildings.

1. Penter Sharp Kerry Pencil

When you can get the best machine pencil to make money, no other pencil will come close to Penter Sharp Kerry pencil. Because silver trips and polished metal barrels are used, the exquisite look adds a nice, elegant feel.

It is also hand-assembled with precision to ensure long-lasting durability and is a pencil that is hardly ever seen today. Finally, with this high-quality pencil, you can create a sharp, 0.7mm line of consistent density. In other words, it is impossible with many mechanical pencils.
Best Mechanical Pencils Review